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One of the most important things in bedroom, undoubtedly, is bed clothing. It determines not only aesthetic view of the room, but the quality of our sleep as well. Choosing bedding sets, try to keep interior style and pay attention to dominant colors.

While choosing a new bedding set, don't forget to pay attention to fabric quality.

All UAB Rustile offering bed linen is made 100% cotton fabric. The name of cotton fabric has a lot of meanings. This term describes a wide range of cotton fabrics, from medium to heavy weight, that differ in terms of trimming and fields of use. Cotton absorbs moisture very well and is antistatic. It is ideal for products that have direct contact with human skin, since it alows body to breathe and at same time protects it from overheating. Cotton fabric is very solid and difficult to tear. The only disadvantage - it's extremely creasing. In direct sunlight, cotton fabric starts to sallow and gradually smolders. Humidity and air pollution accelerates this process. Cotton fabrics are easy to wash and remove dirt and stains. This fiber is resistant to high temperature ironing. White fabrics can be washed in 95°C, water temperature for colored fabrics shouldn't exceed 60°C, for very dark or bright colors - 40°C. White fabrics can be bleached using products containing chlorine, they can be dry cleaned in all usual ways, though it's harmful for the durability of fiber.

Cotton fabrics like all natural fibers shrinc in warm water, so take attention to your ordering bedding sizes.

Linen - linen weaved cotton fabric, in which the face and back are identical. Bleached, dyed or printed linen is generally used for bed clothing and sheets. Linen bed clothing will serve for a long time. The quality and solidity of fabric depend on thickness and density of thread. According to the finishing, linen can be unbleached, semi white, dyed and printed. Unbleached (crude), bleached and dyed, printed thin linen can be used for bed clothing and summer clothes as well. Bleached, thicher linen is used for sheets. The most appreciated linen is dense, made of thin threads. Linen products are solid, moisture absorbent, hygienic, heat conductive, elegant, easy to wash and durable, but they crease easily and are difficult to drape.

Chintz - thin, plain, midweight cotton fabric in linen weave, mostly from medium-coarse yarns.

Satin - very dense and soft fabric, woven out long staple combed cotton threads. It resembles silk because of its sheen. Satin wears out slowly and keeps its color quite well. This fabric is easy to iron, so those who don't like ironing, should choose satin bed clothing. Traditional satin is 100% cotton fabric, but mixed with polyester can be found in market as well. Such fabric is stronger, but it doesn't absorbmoisture very well. Satin mixed with polyester is cheaper and stronger. but after washing small balls can appear on its surface.



To ensure that the color of the bedding remains high for a long time, add a little vinegar for the first wash. The acid will stabilize the color and it remain attractive for a long. You can also use this advice to save your clothes colors.