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   High-density, slow-fitting and slow-regenerating, sensitive to your body temperature, the viscoelastic material was designed to reduce the load of NASA's astronauts on space flight. A unique feature of viscoelastic foam is its response to human body temperature and individual body support points. Depending on the impact and temperature of the body parts, the viscoelastic foam becomes softer in more pressed and warmed areas. Due to the specific characteristic of the viscoelastic foam, the self-restoration to original form is also called "lazy" or "Memory Foam". This material is widely used in the manufacture of orthopedic articles, special (orthopedic) mattresses and other ergonomic products and to improve the comfort characteristics of furniture or mattresses also.


   Memory Foam mattress topper is the cheapest and easiest way to renovate an old mattress or makes a folding bed comfortable. Ergonomic and clasic shape of Memory Foam orthopedic pillows provide the right support for your neckmuscules, pressure on the shoulders and keeping the body in anatomically correct position during sleep. The three-layer ergonomic viscoelastic material pillow for children is designed to grow up with your child - by subtracting and adding extra layers to adjust the height of the pillow.


   Compact, uniquely wrapping your neck Memory Foam travel neck cushion is designed for your convenience on road. For daily sitting in the office or at the school table, you need an orthopedic viscoelastic material (Memory Foam) back support cushion. That relaxes the back muscles and reduces back, shoulders and neck tension. This anatomical back pillow shape and special grooves reduce pressure, ensure proper posture, and provide extra comfort when you sit.



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